• Renato Roldao
    Team Leader

    Renato Roldao is the Project Team Leader of “EU-China ETS Platform” in charge of the overall technical coordination of the project. He is an industry respected and recognized expert in climate policy (including international carbon markets issues), energy and environment with 15 years of working experience. He has been working and living in Asia for over 10 years. Renato led a delegation of observers to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP21 and COP22.  

  • Wang Shu
    Key Expert

    Wang Shu is appointed as Key Expert of the EU-China ETS Platform Project with the responsibility of charging implementation of Component C, which is about capacity building for industrial sectors on ETS based on online software. Furthermore, he is also playing a role in communicating with diverse stakeholders in China to assure the successful implementation of project. Wang Shu has been working in climate change related fields for more than 12 years with comprehensive experiences both in public and private sector, particularly in terms of policies on carbon market and low carbon development.

  • Huw Slater
    Technical Backstopping Expert

    Huw provides technical backstopping expertise for the EU-China ETS Platform, including supporting the team leader and key experts in mobilising non-key experts, implementation of project activities, and providing technical assistance. He has over six years of experience working on climate change and energy policy in China, and has published a range of widely-read papers and reports dealing with issues ranging from stranded assets in China's coal power sector, energy efficiency and carbon pricing, including the 2015 and 2017 China Carbon Pricing Surveys. 

  • Jia Shiwei
    Project Manager

    Jia Shiwei provides administrative support on the EU-China ETS Platform Project including filing timesheet, assisting organizing activities, and support each partner to better serve the project. She has more than 10-year experience on organizing events in different style such as training activities, networking events and outdoor activities, gained coordination capability with different people and also more people skills. Shiwei is more good at budget control through 10 years working experience on project budget managements.

  • Jiang Xiaojuan
    Project Manager

    Jiang Xiaojuan is responsible for communication and visibility issues of the EU-China ETS Platform Project. She supports team leader on policy dialogue component, to facilitate EU-China cooperation on ETS and climate change. Xiaojuan has more than 8-year experiences on project management, policy research and advocacy, especially on civil society and the rule of law. She worked for the projects which were initiated by the UNDP, EU as Project Manager. She also has comprehensive experiences on public affairs, public information and visibility campaigns.

  • Li Ruixin
    Project Manager

    Ruixin is Project Manager of the EU-ChinaETS Platform Project, assisting Key Expert Wang Shu to provide training activities to industry representatives to improve their capacity, in order to help them well participate in China nationwide ETS. Ruixin has been working on the field of climate change for 5 years, focusing on international climate negotiation tracking and climate policy analysis. He has been to the Conference of Parties under the UNFCCC four times as an observer and has extensive knowledge on international climate cooperation.

  • Li Shaojin
    Reporting Expert

    Shaojin is the designated Reporting Expert in the project team. Her responsibility is to ensure sound project management and reporting, providing the basis for an independent 360° project evaluation. She has over three years of experience as a consultant in the low-carbon and energy sector. Her focus is on carbon market, sustainable development, energy policy, international economics and politics. She has experience in policy and market analysis, project implementation, strategic advisory, reporting and quantitative analysis.

  • Liu Ying
    Project Manager

    Liu Ying is a supporting staff to key expert Qian Guoqiang, providing on-going support to manage and co-ordinate the range of financial, contractual, administrative and management activities. She has more than ten-year experience project management from CDM projects to international cooperation project, as the project manager of climate change policy and carbon market programs initiated by NDRC, UNDP, the World Bank. Liu Ying has extensive knowledge and expertise on the renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon market.

  • Wu Zhenhua
    Project Manager

    Mr. Wu Zhenhua has great expertise in GHG emission reduction and carbon asset management in industrial sector, particularly in chemical industry with his long-term working experiences in China National Chemical Corporation. Under the EU-China Emission Trading System Project, as a project manager and liaison officer Mr. Wu Zhenhua is mainly in charge of guaranteeing the daily management and the effective communication between Climate Change Department of MEE and the project team, as well as coordinating and communicating with other governmental sectors both at central and regional level to support for the implementation of project activities.