Preparation Workshop for Joint Research 4 on the Allowance Allocation in China’s National ETS Consistent with the “2030 & 2060” Climate Targets

Agreed by DG CLIMA and MEE, the preparation workshop of the Joint Research 4 on the allowance allocation in China's national ETS consistent with the “2030& 2060” climate targets under Component A of the project took place virtually on July 14th, 2021.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for EU and Chinese experts to discuss the details of the scope of work and the approach to deliver the outputs of the joint research 4 in the upcoming months until end of November 2021. The conclusions of this workshop will be provided to the DG CLIMA and MEE for their comments and confirmation, which will be followed by the long-term mobilisation for joint research activity 4.

Approximately 20 participants in total attended the workshop. 12 European and Chinese experts who are involved in this joint research took part into the workshop, and will follow up the conclusion. Mr. Johannes Enzmann, on behalf of DG CLIMA attended the meeting and took the opportunity to thank all expert's effort and highly value the research.