Project Introduction
'Support for Emissions Trading Policy Dialogue and Cooperation Between EU and China, Phase2' is sponsored by European Union, as part of consecutive cooperation actions since 2014. The overall objective of this project at this phase is to enhance the EU-China cooperation on climate change in the light of the Paris Agreement by maintaining and elaborating the regular political dialogue on emissions trading, promoting understanding of emissions trading in China and continuing to support China in building up a National ETS that contributes to reducing its GHG emissions.

The contribution of this project will be demonstrated by four dedicated outputs:

  • Continued, regular EU-China policy dialogue on emission trading evolving with the development of ETS in China and the EU and improved understanding among Chinese decision makers and stakeholders with respect to the role emission trading can play in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • Significantly enhanced capacity in China to operate a National ETS through capacity building and training provided to both Chinese authorities in charge of emission trading in China and Chinese industry representatives from entities participating or planning to participate in the China ETS.
  • Practical advice to Chinese authorities in charge of emission trading on issues related to the rollout. Further development of the China National ETS identified by the Chinese authorities. As appropriate, identify new areas of cooperation between the EU and China on topics relevant for emissions trading.
  • Annual meetings of the PSC will guide and steer the capacity-building, training and knowledge-sharing components of the project, including the necessary coordination with other activities carried out under the project.