The second EU-China ETS Workshop 2021 was held online on 14 October

The second EU-China ETS Workshop 2021 was held online on 14 October.

Based on the outcomes of the workshop organized in May 2021, in consideration of the latest progress achieved in the running of China's national ETS and the state of joint researches on ETS, this workshop aims to conduct another in-depth exchange between Chinese and European experts in order to provide recommendations to deepen EU-China ETS cooperation in the next phase, meanwhile preparing for the 3rd EU-China ETS Policy Dialogue that is expected to take place in October 2021.

SUN Zhen, Deputy Director-General of Department of Climate Change, MEE gave an introduction on the current China national ETS policies and how the framework of carbon market serves China's climate target for 2030 and 2060. Correspondingly, Mr. Damien Meadows, Deputy Director-General of EU DG CLIMA, jointly with Mr. Octavian Stamate, the Counsellor of Climate Action and Energy from EU Delegation to China updated from the European Union's side. The European Climate Law was published in the Official Journal on 9 July 2021 and entered into force on 29 July 2021.

The topics of the workshop covered two industry sectors: cement and aluminum. The experts from China and Europe comprehensively discussed sectoral context, allowance allocation consideration, and MRV of those two sectors. The experts from China Building Materials Federation, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Tsinghua University, China Electricity Council, China Metallurgical Industrial Planning and Research Institute, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, China Quality Certification Center, Adelphi, SQ Consult, Umwelt Bundesamt(UBA) were invited to join the workshop and share their knowledge and insights.