The Third Monthly Coordination Meeting of Joint Research 1 Held Online

The third monthly coordination meeting of Joint Research 1: MRV was held online on 25th October 2022. Approximately 27 Chinese and European experts from the research institutes, universities and industry associations joined the meeting, sharing their research findings and insights.

To successfully leverage the level of efforts of EU and CN experts, the monthly coordination meeting was scheduled among all experts to help them better communicate and update the progress of this activity, meanwhile, to discuss crucial issues and possible challenges during the research.  Prior to the third monthly coordination meeting, the first and second meetings were held on 23rd August and 27th September, respectively.

The overview of status quo and existing gaps of Chinese MRV guidelines for three sectors were presented at the meeting as milestone study outputs by China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC). The experts from Tsinghua University, Umweltbundesambt and SQ Consult conducted in-depth discussions and provided specific and detailed feedback and comments.