The Third Session of the Virtual Training for Power Sector

The third session of the virtual training for power sector was successfully delivered on 17 February and 24 February 2023, respectively, under the EU-China ETS Dialogue and Cooperation Platform Project. 235 trainees from power industry across China participated in the training on 17 February, while another 133 trainees attended the training on 24 February.

The training aims to improve the capacity of power companies which are included in the China national emissions trading system (ETS), to help these companies better understand the policy and do a better job of MRV of power sector. Two experts from the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), Hong Dajian and Zheng Xianyu, gave a lecture on the MRV Guidelines for Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Trial) (《企业温室气体排放报告核查指南(试行)》), and the newly promulgated MRV Technical Guidelines for Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Power Generation Facilities (《企业温室气体排放核查技术指南-发电设施》) respectively. They also answered questions from the participants through an interactive Q&A session.

After completing its first compliance cycle by end of 2021, China’s ETS is ready to step into the second stage. Based on the feedback of power companies and industry associations, while the overall progress is seen in such a short period, some gaps still exist when some compliance companies intended to follow the regulations to do MRV, manage their carbon asset, surrender allowance, trade in market, etc. The performance of various companies revealed the discrepancy of their capacity of dealing with ETS. Besides, some crucial policy documents, such as ETS MRV guidelines, allowance allocation plans, compliance requirements, are in the process of update. Renewed CCER rule is supposed to be issued. All of these updates need to be interpreted and disseminated among power companies. Under these contexts, the continued demand-driven trainings hosted by the project team will make difference to power companies ruled by China’s ETS.

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