The 2nd Meeting of Project Steering Committee (PSC) of EU-China ETS Project Phase2 Held

The 2nd meeting of the Project Steering Committee of Support for Emissions Trading Policy Dialogue and Cooperation Between EU and China, Phase2 was chaired jointly by Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) and DG Climate Action (DG CLIMA), European Commission on 26th April 2023, in the hybrid format combining in-person and virtual participants.

Mr. Laurent Bardon, Head of Section, First Counsellor for Environment and Climate Action, gave welcome remarks on behalf of the EU Delegation to China, addressing better promoting cooperation on ETS between the EU and China to continually support the development of China’s national ETS. Deputy Director-General Lu Shize, Climate Change Department of MEE, reviewed the activities carried out by the project in the past year, acknowledged the achievement of the project in the past year's implementation, and expressed the view that the exchange and cooperation between China and the EU on ETS had provided valuable experience and useful reference for the construction of China's national ETS. Ms. Mette Qunn, Head of Unit Policy Coordination, International Carbon Market, DG CLIMA pointed out that although the EU ETS and the CN ETS are playing different roles, the EU attaches great importance to the cooperation with China on emissions trading.

The Project Team gave a presentation on the overall progress of the project implementation and the work plan for the year of 2023, highlighting the main activities and expected outputs under each component of the project. Deputy Director-General Lu Shize expected the Project to continue to closely align the project’s activities with the priorities of China’s national ETS construction, and adhere to a problem-oriented approach, so that the outputs can better contribute to the construction and development of China’s national ETS. Ms. Mette Qunn expressed she was confident that EU-China ETS Policy Dialogue could provide further guidance on how to shape future ETS cooperation.