The Fourth Session of the Virtual Training for Power Sector

The 4th session of the virtual training for power sector was successfully delivered on 21 April and 28 April 2023, respectively, under the EU-China ETS Dialogue and Cooperation Platform Project. 148 trainees from power industry across China participated in the training on 21 April, while another 100 trainees attended the training on 28 April.

On 15 March this year,  Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Implementation Plan for the Setting and Allocation of National Carbon Emissions Trading Allowance for the Power Sector for 2021-2022, which contains significant changes and improvements comparing with the plan of 2019 to 2020, thus it is considered worthwhile to interpret this plan in detail to the enterprises in power industry as targeted emitters through the proposed 4th training session.

The expert JIN Ling, Center for Carbon Neutrality, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning gave a lecture on Interpretation of Implementation Plan for the Total Amount Setting and Allocation of National Carbon Emission Trading Quota in 2021 and 2022 (Power Generation Industry) (20212022年全国碳排放权交易配额总量设定与分配实施方案(电力行业)》解读). ZHANG Minsi from National Center for Strategic Studies and International Cooperation on Climate Change explained the topic of great interest to all, Key Discharge Unit Data Quality Control Plan and Monthly Information Storage Substance(重点排放单位数据质量控制计划与月度信息化存证).

A post-training survey was conducted and 72% of the participants found the training schedule to be very efficient and valuable.