The joint meetings on Train-the-Trainer pilot programme held online

Two joint meetings on a Chinese ETS Train-the-Trainer pilot programme, supported by the EU-China ETS Dialogue and Cooperation Project, were held online on January 12 and January 18, 2024, respectively.

The launch of a Train-the-Trainer pilot programme under the Project was discussed on the meetings. The pilot is intended to train future Chinese emission trading trainers to pass on (cascade) the training to wider personnel involved in the monitoring and reporting of emissions from power generation (and possibly cement production) relevant to the Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme.

The experts from the EU and China discussed initially about the main issues pertinent to how best to develop and proceed with the proposed pilot programme: agreement of aims and objectives for the pilot programme, the identification of suitably qualified EU and Chinese experts to prepare suitable training materials and take on the role of ‘lecturers’, identification of planned delivery methods for the trainings, consideration of required examinations and certificates and other related issues.