The Joint Meetings on Train-the-Trainer Pilot Programme Held in May

The two joint meetings on a Chinese ETS Train-the-Trainer pilot programme, supported by the EU-China ETS Dialogue and Cooperation Project, were held online on 6 May and 13 May.

The meeting focused on the upcoming second stage of the training: self-learning. In this stage, the trainees will be able to schedule their own study progress, complete the required courses on the online platform and take the relevant exams. The representatives from DG Climate Action (DG CLIMA), European Commission, the Chinese and European experts and the project team discussed and confirmed the arrangements and details for the self-learning stage, including course framework, content of training materials, examination method and time, online Q&A arrangement and other related issues. The discussion were aimed at making full preparations for the 4-week self-learning training which will start on 22 May.

This innovative pilot is intended to train future Chinese emission trading trainers to cascade the training to wider personnel involved in the monitoring and reporting of emissions from power generation (and possibly cement production) relevant to the Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme.