EU-China ETS Train the Trainer Pilot Successfully Delivered

A training session for the EU-China ETS Train the Trainer Pilot was successfully held in Beijing from 24 to 28 June. Supported by EU-China ETS Cooperation Platform Project Phase II, the training was hosted by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and co-organized by the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy of Tsinghua University. This training is an important initiative to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between China and Europe in emissions trading system, aiming to further equip provinces and municipalities with the capacity needed to effectively participate in building China's national carbon market. Mr. Wang Tie, Director of Domestic Policy and Compliance Division (Emissions Trading System Management Division) of the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Mr. Andreas Zenthofer, Official of the Directorate General for Climate Action of the European Commission, and Mr. Chen Sheng, Vice President of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, attended the opening ceremony of the training session and delivered speeches.

Mr. Wang Tie Highlighted China and Europe's strong cooperation on climate change, particularly in carbon market development. He noted the Interim Regulation on the Administration of Carbon Emissions Trading has been released and implemented and China Certified Emission Reduction has been launched smoothly this year. This has led to the gradual formation of a carbon pricing mechanism based on the national carbon market. He emphasized the positive impact of this training program in building a strong team of professionals for the carbon market.

Mr. Andreas Zenthofer emphasized that carbon market is a cost-effective policy tool for achieving emission reduction targets, which is crucial for China's "Dual Carbon" goal, and expressed the willingness of the European Commission to deepen the exchange and cooperation with China in carbon market.

During the 5-day training, experts from China and Europe delivered comprehensive lectures on "Typical standards supporting the quality of monitoring, reporting and verification in China", "Accounting guidelines for the power generation sector in China", "Development, revision and implementation of data quality control plans (monitoring plans) for the power generation sector in China", " Challenges and countermeasures for verification in China's power generation industry ", and "Relevant cases in China and the EU".

Over 100 participants from provincial and municipal ecology and environment departments (bureaus), technical support units, and enterprises attended the training. The trainees fully exchanged views with the experts, raising questions and discussing challenging aspects of their work related to carbon market. Group case studies allowed trainees to apply their knowledge to real-world situations, leading to insightful discussions. Through this training, the trainees gained a deeper understanding of the policies and latest requirements of China’s national carbon market, laying a solid foundation for successful implementation in the future.