Joint Research Kick-off Meeting of EU-China ETS Project held in Beijing, November 16 2018

With a focus on the construction of a national emission trading system of China, the research involved international experts and Chinese experts from various pilot regions who may have different views on some of the issues. At the Kick-off meeting, each identified expert presented their views on the potential issues under each research topic and present possible solutions.

The kick-off meeting was chaired by Professor Duan Maosheng from the Tsinghua University who is the leader of the expert working groups. DDG Jiang Zhaoli attended and delivered opening remarks on behalf of Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE). Correspondingly Mr. Johannes Enzamnn from DG Climate Action, European Commission contributed to the research approaches and methodologies through EU's view.

Further scope of work was detailed and agreed at the kick-off meeting. The Experts will continue to work and meet virtually and in-person to discuss the first draft of the report, with the involvement of officials from the Department of Climate Change, MEE if possible. Research report will be improved and finalized, and the outcome will be presented to the Department of Climate Change formally, in order to be taken into account in the further work on the roll-out and establishment of the CN ETS as well as, where appropriate, in the implementation of the project.